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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 12 janvier 2022
The plot is simple and quite predictable, no big plot twist, but well written and entertaining. I liked having both point of views ,Pike's and Jordan's, however I didn't get what made him fall for her. I can understand that Jordan, after all she went through fell for an independent, strong a caring man. But what about him? I had the impression he just likes her because she's hot and can make tacos and clean the house. That's all. Speaking of hotness, spicy scenes are really steamy and I am ok with this, although I've found them kind of repetitive. How many times do we really need to read that he is hard? I don't want to spoil the end but I found it a little unrealistic too. Anyway it was a nice discovery of the author and despite I am not totally satisfied with this story I may give her another chance reading another book from her
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