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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 12 mai 2022
What a wonderful story and such a PR nightmare. I just love how the Queer Collective tries to help Tripp to get past his feeling for Dex, and to run interference between the two, fearing for him to end with a broken heart and to help move one. However, Dex doesn’t let them act, he doesn’t want to lose Tripp, who is his best friend, not having him all the time with him is weird, he is the man whom he turned to if he needs any sexual or relationship advice, they’re the Mitchell brother on the ice, their bromance is famous and nothing can come between them !

When the circumstances lead to them living together, Dex starts to realise that he never truly saw who Tripp is as a man and as a possible partner. Meanwhile, Tripp has to see the man he loves, every day, without telling him what he feels…
Juggling with the situation, hockey, fans, teammates, and the Collective, the season is up and running, and they will have to face everything that will happen, the good and the bad.

More, more and more, I just love this series, the connection with CU Hockey and the Fake Boyfriend series, seeing all the characters all over again it’s just fantastic. And I cannot wait to learn more about Oskar, he seems to be something !
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