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Commentaire client

Commenté en France le 29 décembre 2020
"The Sweetest Oblivion" is on top of my list of Favourite Dark Romances.
The sexual tension between Elena and Nico is smoldering hot and their story so addictive that I just keep reading this romance over and over...I can't get enough.
I just fell in love with the 2 main characters, Elena and Nico!! 😍
I love how the writer lets us have the points of view of them both. It especially helped me not to view Nico as just an a*** hole control freak. ^^
He seems indifferent towards Elena but the reader quickly understands that Nico is completely fascinated by Elena. 😍

I love Danielle Lori's writing style. There are deeply meaningful quotes at the beginning of each chapter, they are just awesome. Daniele Lori' s writing makes us quickly identify with the characters, how they feel. The chemistry between Elena and Nico is sizzling hot!!
I love all their interactions and all their silent moments when they just look or stare at each other. I love the fact that both are fascinated by the other one, that Nico can't take his eyes off Elena. I was also very intrigued by Elena because I could feel that she was pure at heart...she loves watching the news, she loves reading and she clearly doesn't fit in this Mafia world.
Little by little, the author reveals new aspects of her personality.
Now what was also brilliant was to show by his actions and reactions how Nico feels about Elena!
He's a real Alpha male and really bossy most of the time but he has a good heart and wants to protect her. He realizes how pure she is little by little. And my heart melted whenever he was sweet with her... 😍❤

I still don't understand why I didn't find this gem of a book sooner!! The writing, the characters are all so compelling... I have read Mafia romances, some very good romances (Cora Reilly) but this story of Elena and Nico has something unique that makes it difficult to forget.
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