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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 30 décembre 2021
It took me days to finally be able to pierce my thoughts on this masterpiece.
Our celestial authors once again outdid themselves.
First of, this book is chunky like really really chunky,, it's a mammoth of a book.
Can you imagine more than 300K in a single book?
The whole book was one of the best if not the best I have ever read.
The first third of the book was exactly what we have all been waiting for since the beginning of the series.
We got answer to question that were asked in way earlier.
Lionel was still is usual villainy self, even though karma started getting him a tiny bit.
Lavinia was more evil and powerful than ever. I don't whom of them I despise more, for now it's a draw.
I highlighted so many passages that I love, some that made me laugh so much, think omg this is so perfect.

The end brought so much heartaches, like the authors probably collected so many readers with only the last chapters of the books that not only they can make a pool out of it but they would be able to open an aquatic resort with only readers tears with most of them coming from this book.
I am perfectly sure that the end of the book not only rip out my heart but it numb my humanity as if I were a vampire in tvd.
My heart took a vacation and swore he wouldn't come back until book 8.

They have a lot of ends to close to reach the Hea but I have full faith (I think)
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