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Another amazing installment in the story
Elise is still trying to find the one responsible for her brother death, new suspects are presented and new clues about the first ones are unraveled.
Gabriel : during a majority of the book the way he speak could let think he was the one to kill Gareth ( I don't think so it would be too easy) but after it is insinuated he was present when he died. After wanting to break off his bond with Elise due to not wanting to putt her in danger with the unknown people after him, he finally give in to his feeling. As he is the only one to discover the truth about Elise, he began to help her search for her brother murderer and hope she will forgive him for whatever was is implication was on Gareth death ( I doubt it)
He discover the black card use dark coercion, a bind who could only be break by Phoenix fire ( cough Orion and Darius bond cough )
Ryder : he discover new feeling aside of pain and lust ( he even name it like elisery it's cute 😂😂)
He seems to realy like the lion king, I was dead laughing when is says hakuna matasshole ( not the right song but it can be funny to replace the lyrics)
We discover more about him and is previous weird relationship with the Professor King ( another king??)
He made a deal with Dante about Elise, a deal he will soon regret.
Dante : he became closer with Elise but it is abruptly delayed because of the deal he made with Ryder.
He refuse Lionel arcrux invitation but I am sure it's not the end of it
Leon : we encounter his family and his brother Roary ( the encounter between Elsie and him was so funny 😂😂).
Gareth : his chapter are ticking the time closing to his death, he is playing with fire as he work for both Dante and Ryder now ( a fact they will without a doubt discover), adding to the blackmail he put to Gabriel, is safety is in one string. I find his chapter so stressful, we know he died the day of the solarid meteor shower, each month passing bring him closer to it.
Cindy Lou : I kept wondering if she was always like in present time or if some event change her, was she implicated in Gareth death, plus she seem very happy to help Gareth work for Dante.
Miss nightshade : although I prefer nightmare better, is implicated in the boy dying at the end of dark fae, her and the mysterious king choose isolated student to steal their magic maybe gareth os one of her victim.
Then one of the two most infuriating and despicable character I found
Old Sal : that B§¶§§¶¶°¿®¢™€©¥®CH ( the administration deeply apologies for the insult thought and trown at that character) she LIED to Elise about the deal being her mom idea and that gareth hear it offer to pay and even offer interest ( like yeah everybody willingly want to pay interest with a debt they can't even afford

And finally Félix : he ordered Ryder to kill Dante his own nephew ( feelling a mufasa/scar 2.0. I see)
The fight between Ryder and Dante at the end with Elise in the middle was heart breaking.
Dante said it will be war : oscuras vs lunar brotherhood or Dante side against Félix side or maybe both?
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