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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 10 janvier 2023
Things we never got over is one of those imperfect books, with some aspects that irritate me, but which are nevertheless very addictive and that I devour.
To start with the positive, I loved the little town spirit where everyone takes care of everyone, defends their friends, helps a lot.
I fell for the heroine's niece (Naomi's niece), because despite a childhood without the attention and affection she deserved, she is courageous and strong, she is very mature while having deep down inside her needs of a girl her age, she manages to trust people she has just met. She is not an unimportant secondary character, she is really at the heart of the story and quickly takes a place in the lives of the protagonists. I was happy for her because she ended up having a real family who would do anything for her.
I loved most of the secondary characters: Naomi's parents and her perfect best friend, Knox's brother, his best friend, his grandmother, and his employees.
Naomi's story with her sister is well thought out, there is suspense, anger and twists. Her sister has disappeared and initially we don't know why, or where, or if she will return. We also wonder how she could have left her 11-year-old daughter behind. There are surprises in the revelations, even if the ending is a bit far-fetched.
Naomi needs attention, love, to be accepted as she really is. Her unequivocal decision to take care of her niece when she didn't even know she existed until then is just admirable. She immediately feels responsible, she puts her first, she wants to make her happy and give her everything she never had. Their relationship is wonderful.
My opinion on Knox is more mixed. He is protective, he likes to growl but does everything to help others. He's amazing with Naomi's niece. But he sometimes goes too far in his alpha side. Not to mention he quietly donates money to the library to hire Naomi. I like that the heroines are independent, autonomous and not that her man saves her with his fortune. Money shouldn't be the answer to everything, especially in a new couple.
Although I loved Knox employees, I found that sometimes they went too far. Few employers would tolerate this kind of behavior. In addition, women who have their period at the same time and who must be left alone because they become irritable... It's a bit cliché! When you're at work, you don't put your colleagues through your moods by telling them "shut up, I'm on my period".
Another concern: Knox goes too abruptly from "Naomi is great" to "I'm leaving Naomi". I can understand his reasoning, but the author presents it too abruptly.
And at the end, he doesn't grovel enough.
In short, an imperfect story but with nice touches of humor, a bit of suspense, two beautiful families, wonderful friends and the desire to know more about certain secondary characters.
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