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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 23 décembre 2020
I have no words.
Each time I say that the new ZA is my new favorite, the story keep getting better and better.

And Holly hell, the events of the 10 first chapter where so intense they put me on the most adventurous and stressful of the roller coaster. I honestly didn't see that coming (at least not so soon in the book)
I couldn't get my hands off this book and I devored it like I always does with a book from one of our Celestial Authors.

Take a deep breath before going in because your heart beat will skyrocket. You will be scared and stressed out for our beloved characters, annoyed by them and will want to strangle their enemies.
But you will also laugh and have moments so freaking cutes.
And brace yourself for the end because the roller caster is spinning again

I can't believe the next book will be the last one, it will hard to let go of these characters.
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