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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 9 septembre 2013
Just one of my most enjoyable, insightful and fun reading since a loooong time! For a work-related book, It's as amazing as are Sci-fi films.

I've discovered the authors, Nathan and Christopher, through their blog After few months of reading, I've decided to take time to read their book.

*Make It So* is a thorough study of interfaces included in Sci-fi movies and TV Shows. Each chapter is focused on a domain, or on a purpose - learning, communications, etc... This is a clever organization that helps you get useful insignts and ideas that can be applied within our daily life as UX workers. There is also some "lessons" resumed and indexed that offer direct applicable advices

The best part of this book, compared to other UX-related books, is that all you learn is extracted from SciFi films: The matrix, Incredibles, Metropolis, Star trek, Star wars, ... Do you know another book that talks about your favorites films AND give you some knowledge at the same time ? I don't, and that's why the reading of Make It So was a real pleasure !
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