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Commentaire client

Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 22 juillet 2022
I liked Book Lovers even if, for me, there are too many lengths.
It's quite ironic by the way when you know that the protagonists work in publishing and give excellent advice to improve the stories of their clients.
Nora passes for a shark, an icy tyrant with everyone, who lives only for her work, however, despite the efforts of the author, we immediately feel that this is not true. Her chaotic emotional past is interesting, her family past captivating, her professional experience enriching. I liked that she was strong and vulnerable at the same time, I liked what was inside her, her deep fears and her love for her sister.
But she never made me feel like a shark.
Her family history is very touching but perhaps takes up a little too much space in the story. I had a hard time at first understanding how her sister could leave her two daughters behind while she went on vacation for a whole month. Of course, we discover the real reasons towards the end but it bothered me during my reading. Over the pages we learn more about our protagonists, drop by drop, in an intelligent way. We understand that Nora has communication problems with her sister, that she has always put her sister before her own needs, first and foremost. We also discover Charlie, our hero, little by little. It is quickly apparent that he adores Nora and that behind his grumpy facet, there is a sensitive man who has his own worries. I loved his family. I loved him, really. On the other hand, was it really necessary for Nora to have a date with another man?
I loved their passion for their work and the parallel with the book they are working on. I loved that for once, the heroes assume they prefer to live in the big city rather than in the countryside. I liked the story itself.
In short, a pleasant novel to read, with beautiful characters, a well orchestrated story, a nice writing, but with some lengths.
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