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Commentaire client

Commenté en France le 30 août 2021
I really enjoyed reading this little book, it was really sweet and lovely. I really enjoyed the way the book is built, alternating Leena's and Eileen's points of view and the cover is one of my favourite book covers, ever.
Onto the story in itself, shall we? I absolutely loved the storyline, gran and granddaughter switching theirs lives, going from London to Yorkshire countryside to cut off from work and from Yorkshire countryside to London to find an adventure.
It felt like Eileen could've been a mixture of both my grandmas and it was just very cute to be put in their shoes, a bit. Her character is absolutely lovable, especially in the way she loves to bring elderlies together, whether it is in Yorkshire or in Shoreditch.
I think I prefered the "Eileen" side of the story, because it is a little less conventional, as we tend to read fewer novels based around people being almost 80. And it was really nice to see how life is, at this age - it certainly is less calm than we can imagine, especially in such as small village! With that said, I also enjoyed Leena's character, as she is quite similar to me in some aspects. But yeah, Eileen senior for the win!

For some reason, I wish to see this book as a movie, as I could not stop picturing Meryl Streep as Eileen haha!

If you loved The Flat Share, you will probably enjoy this book too! Beth O'Leary's writing style is fabulous for sure! However, I might have missed a little bit of the extra fluff there was in The Flat Share... which probably cost the - 0.5 ⭐️... Cannot wait to read The Road Trip next!
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