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Reasons you should read Birthday Girl

-> All the 80's reference
-> The slow burn - I wasn't expecting it. I thought I would get dirty but even if the sexual tension was everywhere, slowly the feelings sets in. PERFECT
-> Theangst - with taboo stories comes all the angst and more. There was plenty. A good balance between good and bad, right and wrong.
-> Pike Lawson! The perfect MAN. 38 years old. Independent, hard worker, lonely but not hopeless, ready to help his kid whenever he needs with whatever he wants. He's also protective and falling for the one girl he shouldn't. Fighting it but eventually feeling become too strong.
-> Jordan. She has become one of my favorite heroine of all the time!!. 19 years old. Not a br**, not a tease. She deals with life the way she can. Strong-minded, brave, determined and bad*** from page 1.

And now I'm patiently waiting for Motel and more Tyler! Mysterious Tyler.
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