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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 25 septembre 2022
I discovered Kate Canterbary’s book in 2019, and since then, she became my favorite romance author. I love them all, but “In a Jam” has joined “The Cornerstone” and “Far Cry” as the ones I love the most.

In a jam is the book of Jam man, a recurring character that briefly appeared all along the Walsh series. Therefore, needless to say, I was eager to read his story. I realized while reading that Shay was also connected to the Walsh series. Although it is useless to know this to enjoy this story, it made me enjoy the Canterbay world. That’s where lies another of Kate Canterbary’s talents, her ability to build an entirely new story from details.

Kate Canterbary excels at the art of creating the most delicious grumpy men. Nevertheless, it would be a huge mistake to reduce this book to a trope.

On top of that, her writing is so perfect that she hovers you in the book, and it’s like you’re living in there, feeling the motions of the characters. I relished how dense the history of both Shay and Noah is, but it doesn’t overwhelm the reader. When I reached the end, I wondered how I could start another book.

Throughout the reading, I went through laughter, sadness, joy, and excitement. I wanted to hug the characters several times. I’m usually not very much into small-town romance, but Kate Canterbary constantly makes me change my mind.
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