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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 24 octobre 2022
Loved the book ! Very well written and characters (there’s quite a few) are so endearing ! The love story, the war in the main characters life, being torn between all her dilemmas and having literally her own self being her worst enemy because, she just can’t stop thinking for others and never takes care of her self. Quite touching.

The but comes for the love interest. While I love it when a grumpy guy becomes a lover or even the quite sensible persona, I thought it was a little too much to be frank. There were moments where it was almost alarming and toxic.. the Neanderthal took sometimes over the cute level of grumpiness we all love.


Other but will be the end… yes I shed a tear but at the end, with a little recoil, it was just too packed up and too perfect… like everyhing, literally everything ended up like in a fairy tale and each of the problems got solved, many couples got created and don’t make me start on the house mariage kid combo that happened waaaay too fast. The fact that her husband is in the headset « if you want something I’ll make it happen, I’ll give it to you, you’ll get it » opposes the beginning of the book where the main character aspires to a life of independency and wants to be able to take care of her self. The book literally ends on the guy taking care of the girl in the most manly, sexist way possible and it was a little disappointing for me.

Other than that, good read !
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