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Commenté en France 🇫🇷 le 26 décembre 2021
A « bittersweet » sequel with a radical turn of events…
I needed several days in order to sort my thoughts..
I love this series , Tory and Darius are one of my favorite couple among all my books.
This series is absolutely addicting, enthralling, hilarious and sexy … you see the « but » coming … and I will attract the wrath of the people who adored it but it’s too much ..

This is the 7th book and in terms of winning the war it has never been worse… there is no need to put 99% of the characters in a dangerous situation or to kill them to make a good cliffhanger .. at this stage It’s swaying misery over and over again.. It's a lot of things to settle and people to save for the last book .. (heal, bring back to life, rescue, kill, declare who is sit on the throne (which at this stage would deserve to burn..).

The writing is very good , I laughed a lot.. it’s so stirring !

But I also regret the number of POV which was excessive .. (I would have preferred to have more Darius and Tory 😉, but it’s personal)

❓would I read the last one ? Definitely
❓do I recommend ? Of course
❓will I buy physical copies ? Yes , all of them and especially the edition of @thebookishbox .
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